Re: [gedit-list] Gedit External Tools and Filebrowser

Than you for your suggestions,
but I just cannot code c++ or python so I will not able to do any
improvement over the
current code, while it shouldn't be that hard

2009/11/23 Jesse van den Kieboom <jesse icecrew nl>:
> At the moment, this is not possible out of the box. However, the file
> browser plugin is accessible from other plugins for some time now using the
> gedit message bus. This means that in principle, the external tools plugin
> can get this kind of information from the file browser plugin.
> I can think of two possible solutions right now:
> 1) Add some extra environment variables like GEDIT_FILE_BROWSER_CURRENT_DIR
> which you could use in external tools
> 2) Implement 'internal tools' in external tools. These tools would run in
> the gedit process, using python, giving it full access to gedit internals,
> and thus the message bus. Basicly, you would write kind of mini plugins.
> Both solutions require work on the external tools plugin, so no immediate
> fixes. Solution 1 would be the simplest to implement, and if you're
> interested you could try doing this yourself.
> Jesse
> On Nov 23, 2009, at 9:26 AM, Steve Frécinaux wrote:
>> Hello Donato,
>> This kind of questions is best asked on gedit-list.
>> Regards,
>> Steve
>> donato rotunno wrote:
>>> Hi steve,
>>> I'm getting in touch with you since I have a question for you as the
>>> author of the plugin..
>>> I'd like to use External Tools in conjunction with Filebrowser plugin
>>> so I can issue actions (defined as External Tools) related to items in
>>> the Filebrowser.
>>> An example is SVN commands on the currently selected directory in
>>> Filebrowser.
>>> Is this actually possible?If not, how can this be accomplished?
>>> Thanks in advance, donato rotunno (aka ralf57)
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