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This is regarding gEdit for Windows, version 2.28.0-1.
- on my dual screen system, the editor does not open up where I had it placed last, on the second screen (even Notepad does that), but instead on the first screen
probably a gtk+ problem 
- the editor seems to have problems selecting entire "words" that are made up of letters and numbers, e.g. "abc12de3f" - double-clicking selects either the letters or the numbers, but not the entire word (triple-clicking selects the entire row, so that is not the answer either); again, that is something Notepad does not seem to have a problem with
this is a known problem in pango there is a bug already about this 
- it would be nice if there was an option to load all files on startup that were open when the editor was closed
you could use the session plugin, not sure if it is already available on windows.
- upon startup, the editor tells me that there is a newer version available but when I click on Download I get an error ("there was an error displaying the url")
this was already fixed, you can try the version 2.29.2 in the ftp

Thanks for pointing this issues, if you find more please let us know. 

Thanks for porting the editor!

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