Re: [gedit-list] GSOC Proposal: Gedit as a class note taking application.


> >  gedit is a plain text editor and I don't think it is a good idea to make
> >  it displaying  graphs, equations, etc.
> I love gedit because is a plain text editor. Even simple thing like
> P(A/S) = P(Ai) . P(S/Ai) / Sum [i=inf,i=0] (P(A) . P(S/Ai)) are not
> cool when I read this notes to study, or spend five minutes making
> asciiart magic for a bar graph

As someone suggested you could write a plugin for some light-markup
language so that you write plain text, but the notes will be "processed"
to produce something better.

> >  If you want to propose a gedit related project for GSOC I think you can
> >  find great ideas on
> I don't understand, those plugins aren't already done?

No, if you see at the end of the page if you can find a "requested
plugins" section.

> >  For example, it would be very nice to have a "no distraction" mode
> >  similar to WriteRoom (
> Ok, this look nice ...
> >  Another very nice project could be to write one or more plugins to solve
> >  the "typing sucks" problem... i.e. to allow the users to write more text
> >  in less time.
> How could this be solve?

Autocompletion, autocorrection, autoindentation, powerfull editing
command like the one in vim o emacs, repeating last "operation" (like in
vim when you press "."), etc.


> >  Regards,
> >  Paolo
Paolo Maggi <paolo maggi gmail com>

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