Re: [gedit-list] Plugin for automatically stripping trailing space

On 9/9/06, Jesse van den Kieboom <jesse icecrew nl> wrote:
There is an Advanced Editing plugin
( which does similar
things (like removing/inserting lines etc). It might be a good idea
merge your plugin with this one and make the removing-spaces-on-save

This plugin seems really useful to me, it'd be great if it was
included with gedit-plugins. Adding it to the advanced editing plugin
seems like a logical thing to do. This plugin isn't part of
gedit-plugins though as far as I know. If I understand it correctly,
the advanced editing plugin adds functions to menus, while Osmo's
plugin just removes trailing chars while saving - then it should be
possible to turn this feature off in the advanced editing plugin, but
I suppose that's what you're planning on :-)

Very useful plugin Osmo, thanks!


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