Re: [gedit-list] Plugin for automatically stripping trailing space

Op zaterdag 09-09-2006 om 12:26 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Paolo
> Hi Osmo,
> > I wrote a simple Gedit plugin to automatically strip all trailing
> > whitespace everytime when saving a document. The plugin will strip extra
> > space and tab characters at the ends of lines as well as excess blank
> > lines at the end of the document. A final newline will be preserved if
> > it exists. The plugin is available at
> >
> > 
> > This is the first Gedit plugin I have written so there may be some rough
> > edges, but it seems to work OK.
> I have read the code of you plugin. I think it could be a good candidate
> for inclusion in gedit-plugins (but I'm not maintaining it so nud and
> jesse will decide).

There is an Advanced Editing plugin
( which does similar
things (like removing/inserting lines etc). It might be a good idea
merge your plugin with this one and make the removing-spaces-on-save

We also have the join/split lines plugin in gedit-plugins which could
also be merged with the advanced editing plugin.

Steve, what do you think?

Jesse van den Kieboom


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