[gedit-list] Plugin for automatically stripping trailing space

Hello list!

I wrote a simple Gedit plugin to automatically strip all trailing
whitespace everytime when saving a document. The plugin will strip extra
space and tab characters at the ends of lines as well as excess blank
lines at the end of the document. A final newline will be preserved if
it exists. The plugin is available at

This is the first Gedit plugin I have written so there may be some rough
edges, but it seems to work OK.

I don't know if you consider this a good candidate for inclusion in
gedit-plugins, but it's available if so desired. The no-configuration
automatic stripping can perhaps be dangerous and invisible, but to users
who know they won't edit any files with significant trailing space this
can greatly help keeping files clean.

P.S. The Python plugin system looks fantastic. I see great potential for
using it. Thanks to whoever made it possible.

Osmo Salomaa <otsaloma cc hut fi>

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