Re: [gedit-list] Plugin for automatically stripping trailing space

la, 2006-09-09 kello 12:26 +0200, Paolo Maggi kirjoitti:
> 1. the "saving" message can be emitted more then once when saving remote
> files

Maybe someone who knows the behaviour of the "saving" signal can suggest
a proper fix for that. I'm not sure I can test this. I don't work with
remote files and I'm not even sure what qualifies as one.

> 2. I'm not sure modifying the buffer on "saving" will have any effect on
> the saved document (have you verified the saved document you have on
> disk really have not trailing spaces?)

Yes, I have verified. The method connected to the "saving" signal seems
to be run before saving, as I would expect it to. The naming is a bit
ambiguous, but since there's a "saved" signal I assumed "saving" means
"about to save very soon".

> 3. I don't like very much the fact that the "removing trailing space"
> action is added to the list of undoable actions.

I disagree. In some files trailing whitespace can be significant and
there must be a way undo the changes. Also, what if there's a bug
somwhere that prevents this plugin from working correctly and some
non-whitespace gets stripped?

Osmo Salomaa <otsaloma cc hut fi>

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