Re: switching between documents, was Re: [gedit-list] RFE: remove the tab when viewing a single file

Steve Frécinaux wrote:
> John Pye wrote:
>> Ctrl-pgup and ctrl-pgdn are used in OpenOffice Calc (and MS Excel) for
>> moving through worksheet tabs. Might not be so bad.
> These are the blessed accelerators for switching tabs in GNOME, as
> stated by the HIG. It works in Firefox too.
Does this mean that you believe these keys to work for cycling documents
in gedit 2.14.1? They don't work for me (new FC5 install).

>> What's the mechanism (if any) of reassigning the default GNOME shortcuts
>> on a per-user basis? If 'next document' could be added as a GNOME-wide
>> shortcut, with a default of ctrl-pgdn, then this could be reassignable
>> by the user? Is this something that gconf does?
> You can do this on a per application basis (just activate the related
> menu item in Prefs → menus and toolbars -- some apps don't support it
> but feel free to fill a bug). But you won't be able to assign anything
> to the tab key combinations, AFAIK.
Surely an issue if you can't reassign ctrl-tab...?


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