Re: [Geary] Geary 0.12 Timeline / Features?

Just to add to this if anyone cares...

Yes, it is required.  And with bad internet I have had a few problems where the nylas account authentication with my gmail account was lost / errored and it was hard to reset.  But the main negative for me is with the heavy CPU usage: there are about 4-5 processes running that when combined have my CPU really working (I do have 5 gmail accounts through it however... so maybe it isn't as bad for most people with a single account).

Afaik mainly Nylas is a resource hog because it runs a browser engine like all apps that use electron/chrome for rendering.
Also, it is possible to run your own 'sync engine' for Nylas, which is what your Nylas id is otherwise used for. This is because the client does not handle connecting to the mail servers, but the server component does. Last I checked there was a docker file or similar for that, but then it means if you run it locally you have significant overhead and if you want to run it remotely, you have to make sure that it is sufficiently secured etc. And any kind of admin interface or security features are not part of that component (or at least not that I am aware of) and would need to be activated to deploy on a public server.

I prefer avoiding "open core" software:

Yes, this is the big thing.  Besides the CPU usage mentioned above, it just isn't REALLY open.  It has reaffirmed to me that Geary is really going the right direction.

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