[Geary] virtual folders and labels

Hi all

I think that vfolders are a great concept, which makes work on emails faster and more flexible. IIUC the concept applied to email (my reference is Gmail), every message is saved in one folder once, but can be displayed in several virtual folders (aka labels). The advantages are:

1. no duplication, so no waste of space
2. easily and quickly mark a message with as many labels as you want (quick because you are not moving anything and you don't have to resync a folder)

I wonder if virtual folders is a feature that we should expect from the mail server or from the mail client. In the current architecture of Geary the answer is probably "the server should do it". But what about non-Gmail users?

1. Server support
I don't know any open source mail server software which supports virtual folders.

2. Client support
Thunderbird and Evolution should support virtual folders.
But I guess that this is a complex task and maybe Geary is not the right app for this kind of feature?
Some interesting discussion, quite related to this, here:



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