[Geary] Geary 0.12 Timeline / Features?

First off, thanks a LOT to Michael and others for picking up when Yorba stopped development.  Geary is really great and pantheon-mail isn't going in quite the same direction.... meaning that geary is still certainly relevant.

I have seen talk about the "long awaited 0.12 release" and was curious about its potential timeline, etc.  Of particular interest to me is the robustness with very bad internet.  I am in East Africa and when we have lots of network cuts, etc., it is often that Geary gets confused (like sent messages getting 'stuck' in compose mode on the right side) and I have to do a "killall geary" to clean it up.  

Anyway, wondering what the status is as I see Michael hasn't made a commit in a few months.  Just want to encourage you as a development group that you are filling a big need for the Linux desktop: alternatives like Nylas Mail have nice features but are resource hogs and not as open as Geary.  Geary strikes a great balance, but of course in the future needs some things like being able to create "gmail tags / folders", "gpg", etc.  But overall it is on a great path at least from my limited perspective.

Regards from Africa....


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