[Geary] Symbolic Icon

I love how that Geary now has asymbolic icon -- it goes a long way towards the 'native' feel.

I don't particularly love the icon itself -- it's a little difficult for me to tell at a glance what the icon is trying to convey. So, I spent some time in inkscape trying to figure out what was causing that issue for me.

I made a bunch of variations on the icon[1]. I'd love some feedback about which of the icons you like the best. I do have an opinion on this matter but I want to wait to hear what you have to say first. One of the icons in there is the original, but don't worry about which is the original when you're figuring out your opinion. Don't forget to zoom out, so you'll see the icon at its normal size.

[1]: a png and the svg source: http://stephenmichel.me/geary/

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