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Are you sure that translating these strings is a good idea? We don't translate option flags for command-line programs, or formula markup in LaTeX or LibreOffice.

It would be pretty frustrating to have to re-train your muscle memory just because you've switched the system language. Or to find some advice on the internet and wonder why it isn't working for you.

Perhaps it might be possible to support both the original and the translated keywords in parallel?

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On 1 June 2016 at 09:47, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> wrote:

Hi gnome-i18n,

Recently in Geary a search feature was added where people could write a searches such as "is:unread" and have it find all unread messages, also "is:read" and "is:starred". This is implemented by parsing the string separately, i.e. "is:read" is parsed as two separate strings, "is" and "read". Obviously these strings were marked for translation in the code so people can use their preferred language, but unfortunately we did not add any comments about the requirements for these (they should ideally be short, and must be a single word, or use '_' or '-' to separate words) and so a number were translated as plain phrases instead.

I have gone back and added comments for each string so it is hopefully more clear what the translation requirements are, but what's the best approach to get these problematic strings fixed? Should I replace them with empty strings in the PO files in the git repo so they appear untranslated or should I just ask the translation teams to revisit them?

The strings affected are those from both the master and geary-0.11 branches, in the UI source file "imap-db-account.vala" and ideally should also be translated in the User Guide file "" so that people know what the correct syntax is.

Since this is related to a crasher bug, I'd like to release 0.11.1 sometime next week, so it would be great to have the geary-0.11 branch updated before then at least.


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