Re: [Geary] Announcing Geary 0.6.0

For folders that support the delete operation (which is most of them for non-Gmail accounts), you should be able to press shift and see the Trash button change to a Delete button.

About your mail disappearing when trashed -- the trash operation simply finds the Trash folder and moves the mail there.  I'm not sure what would cause it to be deleted entirely.  Feel free to open a bug at <> if you can reproduce the issue.  After there's an official bug, it would also be handy to see your debug log if you can run Geary like geary --debug > geary.log.  You can mail it to us directly at geary yorba org, and feel free to redact any personal information from it first.


On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 8:44 AM, Jonah Dahlquist <jonah nucleussystems com> wrote:
Well done, gentlemen!  Looks great, and search works very well.  I don't seem to be seeing the different archive/ trash/delete.  I only see a "Trash" button in most folders, which changes to a "Delete" button when in the Rubbish Bin.  When I "trashed" an email in my Inbox, it was destroyed entirely, not moved to the Rubbish Bin.  Is this because I'm not using Gmail?


On Mon, 17 Mar, 2014 at 3:36 PM, Charles Lindsay <chaz yorba org> wrote:
We at Yorba are pleased to announce the release of Geary 0.6.0, a new stable version of our IMAP mail client.  Much has changed since our last stable release, including:

 * Basic search scope operators, such as from:john
 * An oft-requested "save sent mail" option for non-Gmail users
 * Separate actions for archive, trash, and delete
 * Much improved server support -- if you found Geary unusable in the past on a Dovecot or other non-"cloud service" server, I'd urge you to give it another go
 * Many stability, speed, and interface improvements and bugfixes

The Geary 0.6.0 tarball can be downloaded at <>.  Geary 0.6.0 is also available for Ubuntu Saucy users at our PPA: <>.


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