Re: [gdm-list] gdm won't run after upgrade...

Many thanks for your help - that looks like all the boxes ticked:)

On 12/11/10 11:04, Ray Strode wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 4:49 AM, Morgan Read <mstuff read org nz> wrote:
>> Yup, that's it!  Thank you sooo much - but, I've looked over the nouveau
>> pages looking to implement the 3d in mesa (haven't managed) and it
>> mentions the xorg.conf file all over the place?
> No idea.  You *can* have an xorg.conf but it has to mention nouveau
> not nvidia's driver.
>>  Is this a very recent change?
> Getting X starting without xorg.conf became a goal in like early 2005
> iirc (from Adam Jackson and other X guys).  It took a couple years
> after that for it to actually work in most cases, but it's worked
> pretty well since then for some time now.
>> If so, where are the prefs kept
> What prefs? A lot of X configuration can be down dynamically at run
> time these days.  For cases where you still need a config file you can
> still have one (or since fairly recently you can throw snippets of
> incomplete config files in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d
>> shouldn't the upgrade have taken it out?
> No, since it's still valid to have one, removing it on upgrade is
> probably a bad idea.  Especially (as in your case) it was configured
> to use a non-stock driver.
>>  If I go back to the nvidia proprietary drivers (which
>> unfortunately I'll inevitably do) should I put the xorg.conf back in
>> (re-label)?
> Well, presumably you can just repeat whatever steps you went through
> before to get it going and it will regenerate the config file for you
> again under the covers.
> --Ray

Morgan Read

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