Re: [gDesklets] Is development still active?


well, I can't find them on launchpad.
And as far as I remember they were located on the gdesklets wiki pages
( ) and therefore lost long ago before
development on launchpad froze.
I remember to have tried to contact mgonzalez (mario, right?) about the
gone wiki a few times but never got a response.

You can still access the basic site's structure and some bits and pieces

But there are no images.
If the information there might *really* be helpful we (I ?) could try to
build a new - and usable - wiki/site/collection (hello copy'n'paste :/ ).

Greetings, Bjoern

Am 15.05.2016 um 19:53 schrieb Christian Meyer:

the blueprints were located on but I don't know if they are
available anymore.


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