Re: [gDesklets] Is development still active?

Hi there,

unfortunately there hasn't been any activity on this project for a few
years now. Which is very sad as I still like gDesklets and its ADL.

Apart from the fact that we all (just a shot in the dark here) have -
more or less - no free time left or other (more vivid) projects we are
working on one of the major problems to get gDesklets alive again is the
bigger move to python3 and gtk+-3 (IMHO).

Anyway... I would love to dig into gDesklets again if we manage to get a
"small team" working on it again!

Greetings, Bjoern

PS: gDesklets isn't running on my freshly installed arch linux out of
the box which made me use gkrellm for the moment (sad but true) :/.

Am 12.05.2016 um 02:16 schrieb David Jennings:
Hello list,

A few years on and I was again wondering if there was any activity on

I still use a few desklets and upgrading to a new OS prompted me to
wonder about the status.


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