Re: [gDesklets] Is development still active?


I'm also still using gdesklets despite no active development within the
last years (ArchLinux with some minor patches in the gdesklets source
tree). It's sad that this nice piece of software is not actively
developed anymore, but I've only little time too. I once started an
attempt to convert everything from pyGTK to PyGObject since pyGTK is
deprecated, but I do not posess a complete enough overview of the
architecture of gdesklets. Thats why I never continued working on it...

Nevertheless, the original source is available through bazar on
launchpad. I also created a github project a while ago where I imported
the bazar project as the master branch.
You can find both here:



P.S.: It would be nice seeing this software under development again, I
would even volunteer to contribute. But from my current perspective, I
don't even know whether a conversion to pyGObject or a 'from scratch'
implementation would be more adequate.

On 05/12/2016 01:32 PM, David Jennings wrote:
I have a problem with spare time as well.

If a miracle occurs and I do get some spare moments where is the best
place to download the latest source?

Also, I noticed that in the Ubuntu 16.04 packaging there are
dependencies on libbonobo and a lot of related bonobo packages. Is
that just historical? I thought bonobo was deprecated a long time ago.



On 12/05/16 16:25, Bjoern Koch wrote:
Hi there,

unfortunately there hasn't been any activity on this project for a few
years now. Which is very sad as I still like gDesklets and its ADL.

Apart from the fact that we all (just a shot in the dark here) have -
more or less - no free time left or other (more vivid) projects we are
working on one of the major problems to get gDesklets alive again is the
bigger move to python3 and gtk+-3 (IMHO).

Anyway... I would love to dig into gDesklets again if we manage to get a
"small team" working on it again!

Greetings, Bjoern

PS: gDesklets isn't running on my freshly installed arch linux out of
the box which made me use gkrellm for the moment (sad but true) :/.

Am 12.05.2016 um 02:16 schrieb David Jennings:
Hello list,

A few years on and I was again wondering if there was any activity on

I still use a few desklets and upgrading to a new OS prompted me to
wonder about the status.


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