Re: [gDesklets] Is development still active?

Hi there,

Am 14.05.2016 um 10:59 schrieb Ronny Lorenz:
[...] (ArchLinux with some minor patches in the gdesklets source

Are these patches applied to your github project or where can we find
the patches?

It's sad that this nice piece of software is not actively
developed anymore, but I've only little time too. I once started an
attempt to convert everything from pyGTK to PyGObject since pyGTK is
deprecated, but I do not posess a complete enough overview of the
architecture of gdesklets. Thats why I never continued working on it...

Sounds more or less as the latest status quo on this project.
No one on the team had a complete enough overview on the project and
moving on to  gtk+-3 is a "too big for just one or two person" job :/.

P.S.: It would be nice seeing this software under development again, I
would even volunteer to contribute. But from my current perspective, I
don't even know whether a conversion to pyGObject or a 'from scratch'
implementation would be more adequate.

This is indeed a very good question!
There have been a few blueprints on gDesklets 0.4x with - as far as I
remember - seperating the ADL and GUI from gtk+, which would make it
possible to even have a Qt-based desklet. But I can't remember where to
find these blueprints.
Again: anything as far as I remember. It's been too long ago .

Greetings, Bjoern

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