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I pinpointed that error to the control itself...
Somehow it seems that it gets confused by all the settings for recurring events... I replaced general.ics with a private calendar file from my server which has first not so many events and second not that complicated recurrences in it.
This made it working as expected...
When I tried removing events from general.ics to see which of them might be the cause of the "year out of range" error, I created a .ics file that seemed to be running fine. Unfortunately, when I reloaded the display, the error occured again. This time when preparing a totally different event that worked before... :? (I added some print commands in the control to see which event was the last to be accessed before the runtime error)

Thanks in advance for for checking in the control (you can also send it to me via email if you dont wish to commit your changes to launchpad yet)

Then I'll see how it works on my system and maybe I can contribute a bit making this the best calendar display ever ;)



On 01/28/2012 02:34 PM, Joe Sapp wrote:
Hi Ronny,

I thought you should just need the latest available of each.  I forget why
the Control throws that any case, I've removed the error in the
latest version I have on my computer.  Tell you what: since you're
interested, I'll see if I can get the Control checked in to the
desklets-basic repository today.  I'll let you know so you can test it out :)


On 01/28/2012 08:45 AM, Ronny Lorenz wrote:
Hi Joe,

I have some difficulties using your calendar display...

When it is loaded, it complains about the following:

year is out of range
   107     if (key == "ShowEvents"):
   108         Prefs.EventsEnumeration.enabled   = value
   109         if (not value):
   110             ical.uri = None
   111         else:
112             ical.uri = path + EventSetChoosed
   113         Prefs.EventColor.enabled          = value
   114         Prefs.EventInfoLabelColor.enabled = value
   115         Prefs.EventInfoLabelFont.enabled  = value
   117     #
   118     # Reaction to change in selected events list

and then refuses to scroll through the months via mouse scroll wheel (this
worked in an older version)

I got the display from launchpad (gdesklets-basic) and the control from the homepage...

Do I need any different modified version of either the control or the
display to get it working again?



On 01/27/2012 02:44 AM, Joe Sapp wrote:
Hi Ronny,

I have made the changes necessary to integrate Calendar with iCalendarEvent
and have checked those into to the "Basic desklets" bazaar branch.  I hope
within the next week I will get iCE checked in as well.  The last few months
have been, uh, unusually busy. :)  Then maybe I can fix the latest open bug
and we can push out a release!

The good news is that you could start using it right away if you have the
Control installed already.  More good news: the latest version supports
CalDAV (I specifically tested it with Google Calendar).  I don't recall if
writing to calendars is supported completely...I think it's just writing
recurring events that isn't implemented (if you want to create a bi-weekly
event on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you really should use a full calendar
program to make it).

Finally, I've only converted most of the "general" events.  Mainly because I
can read them and they're implementable in the Gregorian calendar.


On 01/26/2012 07:24 AM, Ronny Lorenz wrote:
Hi Joe,

in the last days I also wondered about converting the nice Calender display
to be capable of doing a lot more.
Do I understand it right that you first want to convert the already builtin
events into iCal format such that those
events may be used by other programs as well? Or that other programs which
are able to produce iCal format
can be used to create the event list for the Calendar display?
Because I was thinking at least one step ahead ;)
I thought it would be quite cool to either use the already existing
iCalenderEvent control or to program a new
control capable of communicating via CalDAV with any calendar server. (even
if it first just means to make
external calendars readonly)
This would enable the display to subscribe to multiple calendar sources
(e.g. google calendar or any private
calendar server). In my opinion and also for my purposes this should be
somehow thought of (I already have an
own calendar server that helps me synchronize my smartphone with my desktop
at work and at home...)

Are you also interested in features like this?



On 10/24/2011 03:25 AM, Joe Sapp wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to convert the Calendar desklet (included in the gD
into something more manageable, which means using the iCalendar (just RFC
2445 [1]) format.  I'm looking for some volunteers to put together
with at least the basic, yearly recurring events found in events.script.
Don't worry about the "general" events list, I'm almost finished with it.
If it's more complicated than "every year on January 1" and you don't want
to dig into the RFC, just skip it and I'll try to get around to it.  I just
need some help getting started.  I don't care if you use Mozilla
Lightning/Sunbird, Outlook, Google Calendar, vi...just as long as it's
compliant with the RFC.

Let me know if you can help.  Thanks.


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