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Hi Joe,

in the last days I also wondered about converting the nice Calender display to be capable of doing a lot more. Do I understand it right that you first want to convert the already builtin events into iCal format such that those events may be used by other programs as well? Or that other programs which are able to produce iCal format
can be used to create the event list for the Calendar display?
Because I was thinking at least one step ahead ;)
I thought it would be quite cool to either use the already existing iCalenderEvent control or to program a new control capable of communicating via CalDAV with any calendar server. (even if it first just means to make
external calendars readonly)
This would enable the display to subscribe to multiple calendar sources (e.g. google calendar or any private calendar server). In my opinion and also for my purposes this should be somehow thought of (I already have an own calendar server that helps me synchronize my smartphone with my desktop at work and at home...)

Are you also interested in features like this?



On 10/24/2011 03:25 AM, Joe Sapp wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to convert the Calendar desklet (included in the gD distribution)
into something more manageable, which means using the iCalendar (just RFC
2445 [1]) format.  I'm looking for some volunteers to put together calendars
with at least the basic, yearly recurring events found in events.script.
Don't worry about the "general" events list, I'm almost finished with it.
If it's more complicated than "every year on January 1" and you don't want
to dig into the RFC, just skip it and I'll try to get around to it.  I just
need some help getting started.  I don't care if you use Mozilla
Lightning/Sunbird, Outlook, Google Calendar, vi...just as long as it's
compliant with the RFC.

Let me know if you can help.  Thanks.


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