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Hi there,

sounds more than ggod to me ;).
As far as I recall I wished to have access to some desklets' basic
information when working on the IPopUp Control. Back than I wanted to be
able to display the Desklet's name in the window/requester opened by the

Not sure though how it should/could be done...

But it would be nice if a Control has all/some basic information ((by
default) about the Display by which it was called.
So I am not sure if a function and/or method would do the trick ?!

I guess we should dig deeper into the Control section of the core... :/.

Greetings, Bjoern

Am 19.10.2011 03:24, schrieb Joe Sapp:
> Hi,
> It seems I need the absolute path to the current desklet for the
> modifications I'm making to the Calendar desklet.  This requires some core
> modification, but I'm not sure if the hack I've come up with is that great.
>  These are the options I see:
> -Some constant in the Dsp namespace
> -Some function like get_config(), set_config(), etc.
> -A config item
> What I did is the last item, as I couldn't figure out how to do the first
> and thought it was overkill to do the second.  So to get the current path in
> a desklet, you would need to:
> get_config("__display_path")
> Overwriting it with set_config() is useless since it's set every time the
> desklet is opened.
> So what do you think, this method or a function (like get_path())?
> Thanks,
> Joe
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