[gDesklets] Desklet path


It seems I need the absolute path to the current desklet for the
modifications I'm making to the Calendar desklet.  This requires some core
modification, but I'm not sure if the hack I've come up with is that great.
 These are the options I see:

-Some constant in the Dsp namespace
-Some function like get_config(), set_config(), etc.
-A config item

What I did is the last item, as I couldn't figure out how to do the first
and thought it was overkill to do the second.  So to get the current path in
a desklet, you would need to:


Overwriting it with set_config() is useless since it's set every time the
desklet is opened.

So what do you think, this method or a function (like get_path())?


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