Re: [gDesklets] Ideas for beyond 0.36.3

Hi there,

> -Software updates:
>  -If tray icon is in use: issue only 1 pop-up notification per version (on
> first detection of the update), change the icon to something "brighter" [1]

Sounds good to me.

>  -If no tray icon (or if it's disabled at some point after a new version is
> detected): issue a pop-up notification once every day

Huh.... sounds like we need a "don't bug me again" button... ;).

> -Inhibit callbacks: Two functions in the inline script (similar to
> add_timer()) that disables and enables callbacks for some Prefs item.  For
> example, the user selects something from a drop-down list.  That changes a
> color selector to the choice associated with the item he selected from the
> list.  You don't necessarily want a callback from the color selector
> changing, though...

This is a great idea!
But to me it looks like you are going to increase the complexity of the
code with this. The programmer has to disable the callback and remember
to enable it (at the right time)... and it looks like you can easily be
trapped in infinity callbacks.
It looks like we need a way to distinguish between changes made by the
user and the one made by the programm, right ?

> [1] Since I am not artistically talented, I thought this was simplest to do;
> see for the original compared to 3 concepts

;). The last one looks great.

Greetings, Bjoern

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