[gDesklets] Ideas for beyond 0.36.3

Hi all,

I was thinking of some ideas for next versions.  I was wondering if it's
worth coding up some things or writing some more formal blueprints.  Let me
know what you think:

-Software updates:
 -If tray icon is in use: issue only 1 pop-up notification per version (on
first detection of the update), change the icon to something "brighter" [1]
 -If no tray icon (or if it's disabled at some point after a new version is
detected): issue a pop-up notification once every day

-Inhibit callbacks: Two functions in the inline script (similar to
add_timer()) that disables and enables callbacks for some Prefs item.  For
example, the user selects something from a drop-down list.  That changes a
color selector to the choice associated with the item he selected from the
list.  You don't necessarily want a callback from the color selector
changing, though...

[1] Since I am not artistically talented, I thought this was simplest to do;
see http://gdesklets.de/mockups/ for the original compared to 3 concepts


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