Re: [gDesklets] New ADL items for requester & notification

Hi there,

> Thinking about Bjoern's suggestion to use ADL for IPopUp and the
> yet-to-be-named Control for notification.  In terms of syntax, it probably
> makes sense for them to be on the same XML level as the <control> tag.

I think this is the way it should be done.

> -{affirmative,negative,alt}-button (mostly optional): a list (like frame's
> border-width property) of [button text, value passed to callback].  If one
> of these doesn't exist, the button isn't shown.  Note that this only allows
> 3 buttons; I think that's a good limit to keep complexity of user feedback
> in check.  For popup, one button is required.

Hmmm... not sure about it. I like the idea of having the programmer
decide on the amount of buttons to be shown. In most cases 2 or 3
buttons will be more than enough, but you know how fast someone will be
asking for more buttons ;).
On the other hand this could easily lead to PopUps with too many
buttons. But this should be the programmer's choice/task (IMHO).

Furtheremore this could simplify the ADL as you just need one "buttons"
I know... this isn't as simple as first thought... that's why I have
stopped on the IPopUp Control :/.

What about some "magic strings" like "yes_no" or "wait_cancel" etc. for
simple or basic and often used PopUps ?

I am still not sure about the best way to implement PopUps into
gDesklets (as you can see ;) ).

But I think that keeping the complexity of a GUI should be in the
programmer's hand and not be limited by gDesklets or any other framework

> -value (required): The text in the pop-up/notify box.

I like the way gDesklets handles Requesters right now with a question
(bold) on top and - if needed - a description (normal text) beneath...

> -callback: Function callback.  If not specified, the buttons just close the
> pop-up/notify box.
> -visible: Default false.  Set this to true to show the pop-up/notify box.
> For notify, the box will close after 'timeout' seconds (10 by default).

+1 ;).

And I think icons would be nice. Both for the PopUp/Notify and its
We are talking about eye-candy! ;)

Most important: the label of the PopUp/Notify needs to be set to the
desklets's name so the user can always and easily connect the PopUp to
the right desklet.

Anyway, most of my ideas can be found on the IPopUp blueprint:

And again: I am still not really sure about (anything about) it... :/.

Greetings, Bjoern

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