Re: [gDesklets] Bug in distributed 0.36.3


>> Hmmm... so I guess we are going to have a 0.36.4 released soon then ?!
> Well, I suppose so.  It doesn't seem like it's a large issue, but I'll defer
> to you.

OK, I just changed the 0.36.4 blueprint accordingly.
And as you can see: there are (still/already) a few minor bugs related
to this blueprint/release...

> Sorry about this.  Changing the build process was my doing.

Yeah... shame on you! ;)

You've done such a good job with the Makefiles etc. !

Anyway... we should definitely (try to) release 0.36.4 quicker than
0.36.3 ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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