[gDesklets] New ADL items for requester & notification

Hi all,

Thinking about Bjoern's suggestion to use ADL for IPopUp and the
yet-to-be-named Control for notification.  In terms of syntax, it probably
makes sense for them to be on the same XML level as the <control> tag.  What
do you think of:

<popup id="id1" affirmative-button="Ok, 1" negative-button="Cancel, 0"
 alt-button="Wait, -1" value="Sample dialog box text" visible="false"

<notify id="id2" affirmative-button="Ok, y" negative-button="Cancel, n"
 alt-button="Wait, m" value="Sample notify text" visible="false"
 callback="notify_callback" timeout="15"/>

Some things need explanation:
-{affirmative,negative,alt}-button (mostly optional): a list (like frame's
border-width property) of [button text, value passed to callback].  If one
of these doesn't exist, the button isn't shown.  Note that this only allows
3 buttons; I think that's a good limit to keep complexity of user feedback
in check.  For popup, one button is required.
-value (required): The text in the pop-up/notify box.
-callback: Function callback.  If not specified, the buttons just close the
pop-up/notify box.
-visible: Default false.  Set this to true to show the pop-up/notify box.
For notify, the box will close after 'timeout' seconds (10 by default).


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