Re: [gDesklets] Developer meeting?


Sorry, I've been a bit busy lately but I've been meaning to respond.  April
30 works for me.  Any time between 1600 and 2359 UTC works best for me.  How
about others?  Do we want to get other parties involved now (i.e. Gnome
people) or just gDesklets folks for now?  I'm not sure how we can spam, er,
email all the contributors but I'll at least post an announcement on the
site.  Remind me of the IRC channel again?


On 04/17/2011 11:37 AM, Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Hi there,
> so.... what's the current situation on the meeting ?
> Will it be on the 30th of April?
>> not sure if I can participate in the meet, but don't let that stop you
>> from arranging one! And the 0.40 plans are worth revisiting, but it's
>> also good to look at the new techniques, like xembed, etc.
> But these are all in the developer wiki which has been offline for a few
> month, right ?
>> I approved him and made you all admins. Let the anarchy begin ;)
> ;).
> Greetings, Bjoern
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