Re: [gDesklets] Developer meeting?

Hi there,

great idea!

But I am pretty busy the next weeks and weekends... so the first "free
Saturday" here would be the 30th of April.
But maybe this will help to get a few more "developers" together ;).

So.... what about:

- Mario
- Robo
- Lauri
- PyCage ;).

And I see that "Juliano Bassani" is pending for approval. But lauri is
the only Administrator for the gDesklets's groups on launchpad...

Maybe we should send out invitation emails to everyone we know ever been
involved in gDesklets (core and/or desklet developers)?

What about collecting ideas and topic for the meeting here on the
mailing list ?

Greetings, Bjoern

PS: And it would be nice to have the developer wiki online again. But
Mario seems to be missing :/.

Am 02.04.2011 15:14, schrieb Joe Sapp:
> Hi all (Bjoern specifically),
> Can we try to arrange a public gDesklets developer's meeting (on IRC
> probably) for some Saturday soon?  I've been thinking that might be a more
> efficient way of hashing out a few of our thoughts for the future of
> gDesklets than sporadic emails.  We could have an agenda whiteboard on
> launchpad so we don't forget anything.  What do you think?
> Joe
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