Re: [gDesklets] Command-line testing of sensors

Hi there,

> Bjoern,
> Will that work with sensors?

Ahhh.... right. This is still using a Sensor (unbelievable, isn't it ?).
I guess the test-Script won't work with Sensors.

> David,
> Sensors have been deprecated for years now.  People have been having issues
> with GoodWeather for a while for that reason.  If you're interested, you
> could try writing a weather control (replacement for sensors).

Very good idea.
But the main problem (IMHO) with a weather desklet (including Control)
seems to be the "Terms of Use" (TOS), basically no matter which service
you are going to use.

> I was thinking about writing one based on Yahoo weather [1], but if
> provides an XML feed that might work too.

AFAIR there is a Yahoo Weather Control... checking...
Yes, you can find it in the SideCandy Weather Desklet (take a look at
the Desklets Archive site).
But I have no idea if it is working (the desklets and/or the control) or
if it does comply to the Yahoo TOS.

Greetings, Bjoern

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