Re: [gDesklets] Calendar proposal ant others.


>> On the other hand I have been playing around a bit with the prefs system
>> to include some new ConfigElements (ConfigInfo, ConfigToggle,
>> ConfigList, ConfigRadio and Configdate) and it never seemed too hard to
>> get into. But I rarely digged deeper into it :/.
> Do these config elements really exist? Cause I don't see them in the
> gdesklet developer book!

ConfigDate, ConfigInfo and ConfigRadio (all introduced in 0.36) are in
the current online develbook:
See 8.7, 8.11 and 8.14

ConfigList (introduced in 0.36.1) is on launchpad:
(should be in the downloadable version from , too)

ConfigToggle has not been released yet (due in 0.36.2), but a working
version is on launchpad:
No documentaton (in the develbook) yet, sorry.

But ConfigToggle is pretty much like ConfigEnum (if I remember it right).

I am still stuck at finishing the develbook for 0.36.1 (among other
things to be done :/ ). Once finished we should update the online
version, too.

Greetings, Bjoern

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