Re: [gDesklets] Calendar proposal ant others.

BTW, better post these questions to gD mailing list Alessandro. More people can have something to say about.


Robo Pastierovic wrote:

Alessandro Vincenzi wrote:
Hi people!
I've had an idea about an aesthetic improvement: what about showing events and current day changing the colour of the font instead of printing a rectangle on the background? See the two pictures attached.

Instead of having a structure like

<array length=31>

we could get rid of the group and use

<array length=31>

instead. The group is now used only for the ".x", ".y", ".on-enter", ".on-leave" (which are in label too cause they are common attributes) and for ".bg-color" (which can be replaced with the ".color" of the label).

Do u agree?? Do u think it looks better?
It's OK with me. You can change it.

And .... what about the management of the events now? Bjoern said it was better to eliminate those big arrays. Were you talking about only the arrays of mobile events (like EasterApril = ("Easter", [(2007, 21), (2008, 13), ....]) or about the "big structure" in general? Because i think that to keep all the structure in memory (ram) is a waste (for all the languages too) cause it's rare that the user change the event set or even the month showed. What about reading the events data of the month from a file only when needed? Cause if in the future we will add more and ore events and language the structures we're using now will become enormous compared to the single month we have to show, if necessary.

Yes it would be better to load it from file. If you know how to do it then go ahead.
A last question. I wrote an answer in launchpad about the management of the preference's callback function but I've not received an answer yet. Do u know why? It simply takes a lot or u think it was a stupid question? Don't know...

This I cannot answer, I don't know the gD core source code enough. The original core developers are not active anymore, so someone brave enough could rewrite the preferences callback function, if it's not correct.



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