Re: [gDesklets] Calendar proposal ant others.

Hi there,

> BTW, better post these questions to gD mailing list Alessandro. More
> people can have something to say about.

True! ;)

>> A last question. I wrote an answer in launchpad about the management
>> of the preference's callback function but I've not received an answer
>> yet. Do u know why? It simply takes a lot or u think it was a stupid
>> question? Don't know...
> This I cannot answer, I don't know the gD core source code enough. The
> original core developers are not active anymore, so someone brave
> enough could rewrite the preferences callback function, if it's not
> correct.

Unfortunately Robo is right. There's simply no-one left who has a good
enough in-depth knowledge of the gDesklets core.
On the other hand I have been playing around a bit with the prefs system
to include some new ConfigElements (ConfigInfo, ConfigToggle,
ConfigList, ConfigRadio and Configdate) and it never seemed too hard to
get into. But I rarely digged deeper into it :/.

Anyway, have you tested the behaviour of these "new" ConfigElements
mentioned above?

Greetings, Bjoern

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