Re: [gDesklets] Moving on to 0.36.2

Bjoern Koch wrote:
Hi there,

I think it might be a good idea to start pushing gDesklets a bit more to
0.36.2 ;).

So if you take a look the the blueprint
( and
the related bugs (same page) and the other open bugs you will find, that
 there are only two "biggies" in the ToDo section:

- translation/language support for desklets
- improved logging system

The related bugs might be closed much easier or even delayed for later
releases ;) :
- #127618: prefs window needs a scoll bar
- #130974: Prefs not saved except through Preferences dialogue
- #134488: text alignment in label tag
- #138105: 'security risk' box is blank with '&' in command
- #202323: Pango: some strings are not parsed

And finally some of the open (and valid) bugs:
- #151880: status_icon cannot work after place some deskelts on desktop
- #201273: Shouldn't install images under /usr/lib/gdesklets
- #235835: screenlets reposition if autostarted
- #245556: --no-tray-icon parameter is useless with "shell" command
- #260288: attr. opacity? after a few scales image disappear
- #264043: gdesklets includes shared mime info files
- #328883: Admin Desklets in tray icon not work
- #336200: Dependencies for gdesklets are no longer fulfilled

It would be nice to get *everything* done, but I guess if we get most
bugs fixed we might be able to get 0.36.2 on the road.
Some of these have been invalidated/fixed (i.e. #336200) since Bjoern sent this out ~2 months ago. IMHO it seems fine enough without these bug fixes to push forward with 0.36.2, assuming the translation system is "improved" enough.


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