Re: [gDesklets] The What's New page for 0.36.1


>  Ok, meanwhile I have started a translation to Spanish which I've
> uploaded to

Fenomenal ! ;)

> This is work in progress.

Hmmm.... look like I will have to start the German translation, too ;).

> BTW, the release of 0.36.1 was added to our time table for yesterday :-(
> Can you please make a "release news" in the web site?

Well.... I have no access to (and not even an account for) the official
website. So we will have to ask lauri or chrisimi...

>  I'll research further into this.

I am still not sure what to use for this "project".
Well, until today there was no need to think about it ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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