Re: [gDesklets] FYI discussion of a merger

Hi Bjoern,

just shortly going to clarify my points..

Bjoern Koch wrote:
screenlets on the other hand is just python + gtk + cairo (AFAIK). The question remains to develop a common -- let me put it the gdesklets way -- ADL.

yes... a common - let us name it - ADL *is* a beauty, isn't it ?

A 'common ADL' isn't mandatory. I don't even see it as a good idea. Let
gD devels do their thing with ADL and let screenlet/jackfield devs do
their thing.

I'm gonna post my short view on this from the compiz forums:

And if someone asks me, I'd see a kind of an umbrella project as the best solution for the current situation. Gene ('reh4c') suggested XEmbed. We could build a wrapper engine that could take the outputted windows from all the other sub-engines (screenlets, jackfield, gd) and shove them into separate windows. That would already remove the need to do a separate UI for each widget-engine.

That would remove the unnecessary boilerplate stuff that's produced by
each project.

1. show activity - update the homepage more frequently and keep users
 up to date, even if there is not too much to talk about (include the
release of new desklets for example) - include all working desklets from the archive site (even if it is just one desklet a week)

Show activity of what? There is no activity worth reporting. I do agree
that it would be nice to have something like "newest desklets" on the
frontpage, but we really don't have much to report.

2. make it much easier for new users to be helped - set up a forum - start a user wiki (or faq) - ever thought about producing screencasts
 for the first basic steps (like the installation tutorial)

Have to agree with Robo on this. It needs work. And we lack the manpower.

However the 0.4 branch is now lacking a lot of development manpower. I feel that one big distraction is that it was a bit over
 designed in the beginning.

Well... the more I think about it the merge looks to me like another
 thing being overdesigned. Like heading for 0.5x before even starting
0.4x. gDesklets doesn't look ready for things like this to me right now.

Well.. the biggest bonus of merging would be sharing the workload and
ideas. The latest change to the 0.4 branch (trunk on lp) was on
2007-05-29. I'm not talking about 0.5. I'm talking about an 'umbrella
project' (for the lack of a better term).

Instead of just doing widgets nicely, we wanted messaging over TCP,
swappable rendering engines and window engines, different
parsers, etc..

Ahhhhhh... there you go. Maybe it is time to do exactly that NOW. Maybe we should start doing widget nicely before thinking about a
merge ?!

FYI, I tried this. I updated my branch and started to hack to get the messaging and everything away. Unfortunately it's not that easy. Simplifying the codebase without breaking anything is more a long term target than a quick release.

I'm really up for making concrete plans on what could be achieved with a merger. Or let's call it cooperation. Merger usually means burying the original projects. After we have real plans, we can do some real discussing :)


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