Re: [gDesklets] Next IRC meeting

Hi there,

just want to invite/remind everyone to/of today's IRC meeting this Sunday (TODAY, 30-Mar-2008) starting 21h CET as usual.
Hopefully the will be the last IRC meeting before the release of 0.36.1!

Here's an update on the current 0.36.1 situation:

1. 0.36.1 release
0.36.1 should be released in a few days.
New stuff so far:

- updated documentation
- new attributes/properties:
   - "action" in ConfigURI
   - "bars" in TargetPlotter
- new Control: "Random"
- new configuration element: ConfigList
- Shell can handle desklets starting with a number (#197778)
- documentation bugs (#151552 and #201274)
- improved shell (#202995)
- updated and integrated Help
- updated the included desklets
  ("15 pieces puzzle" v0.6, Calendar v0.62)
- outsourced develbook

2. Things to be done
These thing should be fixed/included into 0.36.1:

- implement ConfigToggle (?)
- remove shell2

3. Things deferred:
These things have been deferred to 0.36.2/0.37x:

- new/better Control handling taken from 0.4x

More cleaning might be done, too.
The develbook needs to updated, too.

See you tonight!

Greetings, Bjoern (H.Humpel)

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