Re: [gDesklets] FYI discussion of a merger

Hi Lauri,

I'm gonna post my short view on this from the compiz forums:

And if someone asks me, I'd see a kind of an umbrella project as the best solution for the current situation. Gene ('reh4c') suggested XEmbed. We could build a wrapper engine that could take the outputted windows from all the other sub-engines (screenlets, jackfield, gd) and shove them into separate windows. That would already remove the need to do a separate UI for each widget-engine.

That would remove the unnecessary boilerplate stuff that's produced by
each project.

Hmmm... so you are basically aiming for some kind of Meta-Desklet engine ?

Show activity of what? There is no activity worth reporting. I do agree
that it would be nice to have something like "newest desklets" on the
frontpage, but we really don't have much to report.

Well, I don't think that we don't have much to report on, especially when you take a look at the last month. Of course there are not a lot of "biggies" to report of, but "showing activity" is more about showing that *something* is going on and people don't get the feeling that gDesklets is plain dead. Announcing the IRC meetings and things like the latest changes to the devel branch (like: new stuff coming soon in the next release) would already be enough. And we would have plenty of these (and other) little "activities" to report for a new entry once a week (or every fortnight or so).
Now we have 5 "news" on the start page of the website within 8 month!
And I think there has been much more going on within these 8 month worth reporting on.

Have to agree with Robo on this. It needs work. And we lack the manpower.

Again: I already some kind of volunteered to moderate the forum (as good as I can).

I'm really up for making concrete plans on what could be achieved with a merger. Or let's call it cooperation. Merger usually means burying the original projects. After we have real plans, we can do some real discussing :)

OK, a "cooperation" sounds much much better than a merger ;).
Looking forward for the more concrete plans and the discussion ;).

See you tonight ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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