Re: [gDesklets] Next IRC meeting

Hi there,

just want to invite everyone to a new IRC meeting this Sunday
(16-Mar-2008) starting 21h CET as usual.

just for everybody's information: these have been the main things discussed on the last IRC meeting:

1. 0.36.1 release
0.36.1 should be released in a few weeks.
New stuff so far:

- updated documentation
- new attributes/properties:
  - "action" in ConfigURI
  - "bars" in TargetPlotter
- new Control: "Random"
- Shell can handle desklets starting with a number (#197778)
- updated and integrated Help

2. Things to be done
These thing should be fixed/included into 0.36.1:

- documentation bugs (#151552 and #201274)
- improved shell (#202995)
- ConfigList and ConfigToggle
- updating the included desklets (e.g. include "15 pieces puzzle" v0.6)

Furthermore a lot of code and branch cleaning should be done.
Therefore the shell2 will be excluded (it will still be part of the 0.4x/trunk branch I hope/think). Furtheremore the develbook has been outsourced to its own branch (already done) as it seems to be not required for "normal users".
More cleaning might be done, too.

Including the new Control handling (taken from 0.4x) might be done in a later release and maybe reason enough to start a 0.37-series ?!
Not sure about this one...

3. Next IRC meeting
The next - and hopefully last before the release of 0.36.1 - meeting will be in 2 weeks:
Sunday, 30th March 2008, starting at 21h CET
It would be nice if some more involved users were showing up ;).

Any comments, ideas etc. ?!

Greetings, Bjoern

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