[gDesklets] 0.36.1 frozen for testing

Hi there,

on today's IRC meeting we decided to have the current state of
0.36.1_beta frozen for testing.
Until the next meeting (as usual next Sunday) we will be testing all the
new features and patches.
If everything works fine 0.36.1 will be ready to be packed up and released!

As ConfigToggle is mainly needed by the upcoming SideCandy0.2 - which is
still in the progress of drafting - it has been deferred to 0.36.2.

Robo is fixing the last bug to be implemented for this release (Bug
#201273: Shouldn't install images under /usr/lib/gdesklets) and bringing
everything together (desklets, docs etc.) in a new branch.

Only undecided thing left: the removal of shell2.

0.36.2 has been introduced as milestone and blueprint to launchpad and a
few still "undecided" bugs have been attached to this blueprint.
These bugs still need some general attention and decisions, so any help
and opinion is *very very* welcome!

On the way to 0.36.2 we should mainly be fixing bugs and look for more
stability. The new Control Management System (taken from 0.4x) and
ConfigToggle have been linked to this release, too.
No timeline set, no need to hurry ;).

So here's the latest update on 0.36.1:
(which can easily be copied and pasted to the website)

New stuff:
- updated documentation
- new attributes/properties:
    - "action" in ConfigURI
    - "bars" in TargetPlotter
- new Control: "Random"
- new configuration element: ConfigList
- Shell can handle desklets starting with a number (#197778)
- documentation bugs (#151552 and #201274)
- improved shell (#202995)
- install path for images (#201273)
- updated and integrated Help
- updated the included desklets
   ("15 pieces puzzle" v0.6, Calendar v0.62)
- outsourced develbook

- remove shell2

- implement ConfigToggle
- new/better Control handling taken from 0.4x

Please feel free to test the new stuff within the next week as much as possible and report your results ;).

I will be working on updating the develbook accordingly so we can have it up-to-date and online as soon as possible after the release.

Finally: next IRC meeting will be next Sunday (April 6th, 2008) starting at 21h CET as usual.

Greetings, Bjoern (H.Humpel)

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