Re: [gDesklets] gdeskets configuration

On Tue, 3 Jun 2008 11:03:41 +0200
"Johan Euphrosine" <proppy aminche com> wrote:

Hi, sorry for lagging but I'm quite busy with other problems too:)

> The following hack:
> bypass client/server stuff, for opening a profile in /etc at daemon startup.

Yes looks nice, probably this works since i could copy a displays created from
a user in the system dir and It should works.
I didn't yet test it though.

> IIRC, all the required paths are set to python global variables in
> main/

Actually this can be used if I want to add a new variable, eg. SYSTEM which
stores the system path to displays.
> Be sure to check (and patch) all the code for using the variable
> you're changing:
> For example I had to patch main/ for using REGISTRY_PATH
> instead of USERHOME+"registry":

I think I shouldn't need to change any variables, it's enough to check in the
system dir if the local config is not set.

Best Regards

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