Re: [gDesklets] Official desklets

Hi there,

I have seen in gdesklets web site there are more desklets, great!

Hmmm... I still don't see any new desklets or controls (like the SOAP control).

However, which ones are the "official ones"?

Well... basically the ones that are shipped with gDesklets (aka the "basic desklets"). So far these are:

- 15 pieces puzzle
- Calendar
- Clock
- Quote of the day

("official homepage":

As you can see it would be great to have some more desklets in there, like (taken from the whiteboard):

Some ideas: clock, calendar, sysinfo, sticky notes, weather, POP/IMAP mail notification, quote of the day ...

I'm not sure but can anyone upload a new desklet?

AFAIK: yes
(if we are talking about uploading to the gDesklets site and not about uploading to the basic desklets).

 If so    : should we give support to all of them?

Definitively: NO!
We should ONLY give support to the "official" (or basic) desklets.

 If not so: AFAIK, there is no way to "show" which ones have got support
from the gdesklet developer team.

No yet. But this is a good idea.
(I know: lauri will be *very happy* to include the feature :) )

Right now I am thinking about setting up a desklet-data-package as the ones "out there" are crap and we get a lot of questions and bug reports because of them.
At least then we could say: "Tested with gDesklets 0.36".

But I am quite not sure about it....

Greetings, Bjoern

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