Re: [gDesklets] New features...?

On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 22:07 +0200, Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Yeah... I know... America/Santiago is your timezone in your lp account ;).

 :-) Actually I live in Concepción city, 700 kilometres from Santiago,
(8 hours by bus, 45 minutes by plane; GMT-4) 

> once upon a time - as far as I remember in an IRC meeting - lauri agreed 
> to backport the new Control handling from the 0.40 branch (trunk) to the 
> 0.3x branch, which shouldn't be "too hard to be done". This should be 
> the step from 0.36.x to 0.37, too.

This port is really interesting, I didn't know it and I'll add to the
wiki's TODO list. Even though I was thinking in a way to install new
controls, like: if you install a desklet that depend upon a Control, the
installer must be able to get the control and install it first.

I'll send a new thread with this.


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