[gDesklets] Results of todays (10 Feb 2008) IRC meeting

Hi there,

here are todays IRC results:

Begin: 21.04 CET
End: 22.30 CET

0.36 final will be out by next weekend!
georw will add the last bits and latest patches to the 0.36 branch and
pack things up for the final release as all (known) major and critical
bugs have been closed.

Still to be done (by georw) this week before the release:

1. include "15 pieces puzzle" as a "basic desklet"
2. update Time control (see rev.91 in the 0.3x branch)
3. change NewClock to use Time's new Control ID

ad 1.
The gDesklets puzzle should/will become the default puzzle.
Maybe a new puzzle (like the gnome paw) will be added to have a new
release (0.5), too.

ad 2.
changing the Control will bring a new Control ID, which will make
some/all older desklets using the Time Control to be non-working with 0.36.
Maybe we need some guideance on the website to explain how to change the
Control ID in affected display files.
Furthermore we agreed on integrating the 0.4x Control management in
future 0.36 versions of gDesklets.

ad 3.
the NewClock desklet will be the first (and included) desklet with the
new Time Control ID ! ;)

Furthermore we (mainly me, but any help will be welcome) are going to
update the develbook accorginly and add a new section about the included
Controls - ready to be put on the website as soon as possible after the
0.36 release.

The man pages are more than outdated (August 2004) and will not be
touched for the 0.36 release to avoid confusion.
This needs to be updated for future releases though!

Next IRC meeting will be next Sunday (17-Feb-2008), 21h CET as usual.

Greetings, Bjoern

PS: if someone is interessted in the IRC log, just let me know.

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