Re: [gDesklets] 0.36-rc?

Hi Robo and others,

Robo Pastierovic kirjoitti:
So may someone who has access to website and everything take the responsibilities for this release? I have included everything in 0.36
branch on launchpad. Someone just need to review it and change the
versioning from beta to rc or to the final release (I think we don't
need the release candidate). Lauri, can you do it? Or Bjorn? We may
have an IRC meeting before.

I took a bzr up from the 0.3 branch, ran ./configure, make and make
install. Everything went smoothly, but there are two outstanding issues:

1. There is no symlink installed in $PREFIX/bin, so no
/usr/local/bin/gdesklets exists and thus you need to fire the process up
from /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/gdesklets

2. gdesklets fails to start:

Connecting to daemon [ ### ] ==========================================================[02/09/08-11:16:51]===
 === Unhandled error! Something bad and unexpected happened. ===

[EXC]No module named TargetGroup2 in
/usr/local/lib/gdesklets/gdesklets-daemon: line 10 <module> in
/usr/local/lib/gdesklets/utils/ line 118 _new_imp in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/main/ line 3 <module> in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/utils/ line 118 _new_imp in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/display/ line 18 <module> in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/utils/ line 118 _new_imp in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/display/ line 12
<module> in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/utils/ line
118 _new_imp in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/display/ line
3 <module> in /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/utils/ line
118 _new_imp [EXC]/usr/local/lib/gdesklets/utils/

[---]  113 # give us an absolute path. [---]  114 # [---]  115
_old_imp = __import__ [---]  116 def _new_imp(name, globs = {}, locls
= {}, fromlist = []): [---]  117 [ERR]> 118     module =
_old_imp(name, globs, locls, fromlist)

I guess we'll need to make sure it works before we ship a version out :).

And I can create your basic tar.gz-source packages, but I don't have the expertise to create distribution packages like debs.


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