Re: [gDesklets] 0.36-rc?

Lauri Kainulainen wrote:
> Hi Robo and others,
> I took a bzr up from the 0.3 branch, ran ./configure, make and make
> install. Everything went smoothly, but there are two outstanding issues:
Which branch did you install? Try 0.36 (the one with help files and 3
desklets) not 0.3x for now. I've just made some changes in makefiles
which were broken because of some updates.
I ran ./ (not ./configure) make and make install. Everything
works fine.

> 1. There is no symlink installed in $PREFIX/bin, so no
> /usr/local/bin/gdesklets exists and thus you need to fire the process up
> from /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/gdesklets
I thought this bug was fixed as well in 0.3x. From ./

    $(LN_S) -f ${coredir}/gdesklets $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/gdesklets;

This should make the proper symlink.
> 2. gdesklets fails to start:

I will try 0.3x now.



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