Re: [gDesklets] Installation failed!

Stefan Jentzsch wrote:
> Hej!
> I installed the latest stable version of gDesklets (v 0.35.4) on Ubuntu
> Gutsy... Didn't change settings in ./configure, so everything was
> installed in /usr/local... All in all it worked fine. 
> But since desklets look for sensors in /usr/lib (my stuff is
> in /usr/local/lib of course), I decided to reinstall gdesklets
> with ./configure --prefix /usr so that I would not have to move
> directories around and so on...
gDesklets should look for sensors in:

1) a Sensors directory where it is installed (either
usr/local/lib/gdesklets or usr/lib/gdesklets)
2) ../../share/Sensors from the directory where it is installed
3) ~/.gdesklets/Sensors

> Mhh? I'm really wondering what I could do here! Any suggstions?
try to compile it from source at:
you will need to install bazaar first then run in some directory:

bzr branch
cd 0.36
make install

the last one as root.



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