[gDesklets] 0.35 series -- my 2 cents (and much more)


this is just a quick 'hello I'm still around' message.
As you might know, I'm still fighting to reactivate my svn account on
svn.gnome.org. There has been no success and I'm getting really tired.
I wanted to apply as many patches as possible from SUN and contributers but
it's simply impossible.

1. Step: my idea is to move the whole repo to launchpad.net (if it isn't
there -- sorry, I haven't checked, yet).
2. Step: somehow add a file on svn.gnom.org/svn/gdesklets that we've moved
to launchpad.net
3. Apply patches there.
4. Be happy ;-)

I still have a version of gdesklets which includes some of the patches:
There are waiting tons of patches and suggestions on bugzilla.
We should use gnome's bugzilla and don't switch. It's been working quite
nicely, so why change.

I want to get more people involved, means coding monkeys. We already have
lots of new faces on the mailing list and I'm quite happy about it. Maybe
some of them have good (python) coding skills.

Let's get things done! As soon as the code has been moved to launchpad[1],
I'm sure that working on the code will be a lot easier than now.

Christian Meyer
GNOME:    http://www.gnome.org
gDesklets: http://www.gdesklets.org
AIM: chrisime
ICQ: 72107443
Jabber: christian meyer gmail com
MSN: chrisime77 msn de
Skype: chrisime77
Yahoo: chrisime77 yahoo de

[1] Someone please help me with this crazy bazaar repository :-)

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