Re: [gDesklets] SlideShow Desklet review

On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 17:03 -0700, Sean Bridges wrote:
> So I figured out the issue with my ImageSlideShow control, but not sure
> the best way to address.  I installed a fresh Feisty in a VM and got the
> same error you reported.  Problem is that I use the python Image library
> to read the photo caption data.  I guess this is not installed by
> default.  I must have it had installed on my other test systems from
> some other dependency :s
> Doing an install of the ubuntu python-imaging (sudo apt-get install
> python-imaging) package fixes this, but probably not the best method for
> a control to have a non-standard dependency.  I will play around with
> either removing this dependency, or somehow packaging this library with
> the control unless someone has any other suggestions.

I uploaded a new version of the control to  I learned how
to fail gracefully if the Image library is not present.  It will still
do IPTC and EXIF without the Image library, but will just turn off JPEG
Comments if the library is not there.  I'm hoping this will fix the
issue.  Please let me know if it works for you now.

- Sean

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